Friday, May 1, 2015

Words from the Chaittya Guru


The beginning of civilization is respect, nay veneration, for the feminine.
Respect for motherhood, respect for the Goddess, the mother in all mothers.
There is no love without respect. There is no Radha without Devi.
There is no understanding of Radha and Krishna
without first understanding Shiva and Shakti.


It is quite simple really:
Goddess is Archetype. Woman is type.
There is therefore "Goddess-ness" in every woman.
Radha is Goddess. Krishna is God.
Therefore Radha-ness exists in every woman.
And Krishna-ness in every man.
The sadhana for the man is to see the Radha-ness.
The sadhana for woman is to see the Krishna-ness.
The sadhana of the couple is to see the Yugalness.
The sadhya is prema.


Wherever the Lover and Beloved enter into popular consciousness,
that is a manifestation of the Archetype.
But archetypes exist on a scale
from fullness (pūrṇa) to mediocrity (tuccha).
This is the scale in which prema stands at one end
and kama at the other.
Krishna is not God: He is the fullness of Love's Object.
Radha is not Goddess: She is the fullness of Love's Feeling.
The Yugala is their Union. Their Union is Prema.


A myth is what never happened but is always true.
What never happened is that there was "Nothing But Being"
and Nothing was happy, because even just being is joy.
But Nothing became conscious of its being
and said, "Let me become, for there is more joy in becoming."
And the first thing it became, the first Twoness,
was man and woman locked in embrace.
The first Idea, the Adi-rasa, became Radha and the Adi Purusha.
And from that bliss came all the worlds, material and spiritual.


The anima and animus are the unconscious desire for love
given ideal form -- suitable for love.
If one takes all the animae and all the animi in the world
removes all impurities and distills their essence,
one has the arrow that points to Radha and Krishna.

Love means seeing
the Radha-ness,
the Krishna-ness,
and the Yugal-ness.

But Love sees beyond the projection to the real person.
Because God is really in the person,
not the anima, not the animus.
Love means seeing both the self and the Self in the other.

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