Monday, May 4, 2015

Icebergs melting in the ocean of rasa

We are all icebergs… melting.
We keep our personas happily masking the meltdown,
going on below the surface
and we don’t know what it is.
Our philosophies are our attempts to explain
and perhaps be honest. But the melting goes on
and the tip of the iceberg is anxious for its survival.

What is my philosophy?
Can you have certainties where God and love are concerned?
Nothing is certain, but believe in Love anyway.

God says look at love, look at the human. I am there.
Love me, love my dog. And all the rest that is mine,
but especially that which is made in my image:
all the “me’s” that I have manifested everywhere for you to love.

You have found Me, you think, on the altar, in the Bhagavatam,
in words and paper and stone, in the rules of dharma,
supplication and surrender to the God Above and Within.
And even in the golden alleyways of Vrindavan.
Your bliss is your praman, but your journey just begun.

Where am I?
I am the Waldo of the world. Where will you find me?
In the clouds or in a kiss? Where do I reside?

If Prema is the prayojan, then look in the direction of prema.
As your eyes improve, you will see more clearly
and I will appear to you with form as the Beloved 
and without form as Love Itself;
Its rays will shine forth through you and light the world.

Can you have certainties where God and love are concerned?
Nothing is certain: But believe in Love anyway.
Run blindfolded, you will not slip or fall,
I will be there to catch you always.

When you finally see Me, you will finally know what
a kataksha is. How one eyeblink length glance
has more content than a thousand pages of shastra.

This is how you enter the lila, one kripa kataksha at a time.
One glimpse at a time until you get the composite picture.

Says Jagat: Below my iceberg tip, below my philosophies,
Radharani’s glance is melting me into the ocean of rasa.

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