Friday, April 10, 2015

We are not scientists

The minutiae of creation, science, and that which lies beyond it.
The big bang, the single point of light, the nada-bindu.
The expansion of space, creating space first into which to expand.
All for the manifestation of what? Rasa.

Our field of knowledge is different. We are from the world
and the wheres and ways of creation to us irrelevant,
except as a curiosity. We are gopi girls, simpletons,
milkmaids who know nothing but the beauty of our beau.

Our field of study is different. We study the human life
of which love is the apex. We say the world is real,
not reduced to pinpoints of light, but to archetypes.
Life as it existed and exists in the pinpoint, beyond the pinpoint
in the highest of archetypal realities. A reality
that only needs the acquiescence of the mind to be true.

Our world of transcendence is that of our romantic imaginings.

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