Wednesday, July 9, 2014


We were jewels, you and I, not fools,
and we sought the highest love
in God and spirit, far above
the trivial amours of the mundane,
and yet together could not remain
upon that effervescent plane,

I don’t know if to wisely nod or weep,
but I always choose the latter,
and more tears flow when I pretend
that I don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

You and I are jewels, we are pearls
we are gifts of the Almighty;
We could have been empowering,
one another's Shakti.

That is not a role-playing game!
That is the way the dance is danced,
the way that Love is loved
and divine romance romanced.

But then perhaps we have been fools,
for not embracing such a gift
that promised so much, and let ourselves
fall in the well of doubt and drift.

Wounds to lick, lessons to learn,
separation to feel, union to yearn,
We still have Goloka’s perfect love for dhyan,
Vrindavan’s parakiya for our gyan.

Love is lost, better lost than never felt,
That's the way plans and theories just melt
in this the life that we were dealt.

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