Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Work ethic

I am still living in the hope I can maybe get a work ethic,
as though working was everything.

Diving so deep
into some realm of human experience
that samadhi ensues.
The one and same pull as the pull of vairagya
and indifference to all
but the One Truth,
wherever It may pull us at the time.

And so, I chop my day like wood
and designate each moment:
here is this and here is that, and there is work --
but the ends, the ends are still so far away,
not even always clear.

So when I work I often just sit there in my work space,
If I sleep I sleep, if I feel the need to read something unrelated, I do.
Whatever else, just stay in the work space.

That's my theory and my practice -- ain't worked so far.

But keep banging your head and eventually something will stick.
Pray for inspiration when it is creative,
for patience when it is boring,
and for faith in the ends that God has put before you.

And do bhajan in your sacred bhajan place.
And do your bhajan at your sacred bhajan time.
And say to hell with the world,
we are going to this
one transcendental destination.

If we cannot have the fantasy within the world of reality,
then let us find Reality in the world of fantasy.
Perhaps in some different universe, a future life,
these worlds will collide, and like atom bombs
illumination will ensue.

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