Thursday, July 11, 2013

Silence in Rishikesh

I don't worry,
I dance and sing.
and I find myself interesting...
because I am cool and blissful
and have so many things to be interested in
and because I am never far from Vrindavan
and because there are many birds, butterflies, flowers, frogs, trees and mountains
and only occasionally monkey marauders
and because it is the rainy season and the trees are full of mangoes
and the grass is long and wet under my feet
and my breath is long and smooth and sweet
and my forehead calm
and my body light
and because I do headstands and half-wheel poses at night
and when I am tired, I sleep like a stone
and when I work, I drink it in
and when I get bored, I pick a book from the library shelves and read a page or two,
and go off into another world
a Chinese Daoist monastery
or a Benedictine monastery in England
or the realms of a philosopher from some other corner of the world.

And because the name of Radha Shyam
and my mantras, alternate as a constant murmur
in the background of my life,
and because you are always there in my skin and my third eye,
in my every chakra, in my every meditation, in my every breath,
I am ready to live with the thought of you forever.

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