Friday, May 9, 2008


Here they say silence
is the closest thing to God.

I heard this one yesterday:
"If Krishna is Brahma, then Radha is silence."
I thought about it a bit and decided
there is some logic to it.

But where you are concerned,
your silence means an absence, not a presence.

Only in that convoluted Buddhist way of thinking,
where the negative is a logical category
like mathematical zero,
and therefore has a sort of existence,
can it be thought of otherwise.

We have heard of Vaishnavas who,
in their obsession with separation,
and with presence in absence,
also think of it otherwise.

But this too is a flailing grasp
at mathematically proving something
for which faith and a sense of presence
have been lost.

Your absence is an absence,
no matter how mesmerizing the mirage.
Krishna's absence was an absence for the gopis,
and not a substitute for
being with him,

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