Thursday, May 3, 2007

There Was No Time Limit (1)

Remember Ram Ray’s prema-vilasa-vivarta?
A true mystery that, for how and why
could Radha ever the fear the day that
Krishna’s love might diminish or die?

And yet she says, "There was a time when love
alone was the only go-between.
There was no need for him to apologize,
no need for either of us to explain.

Ah, for those days, back in the beginning,
when love burst on us through a sidelong glance,
when we felt that love grow and inundate us,
enveloping us in endless expanse.

In that far-off time, there was no contrast,
no bheda of being loved or loving,
no you-ness, no me-ness, no male or female,
for Eros had ground us into a single being.

So, dear one, go now and remind your friend
of the ancient myths of our state of grace;
We all know things have fallen apart,
for he has sent you here to plead his case.

There was a time when we sought no dutis,
needed no one else for mediation--
Cupid himself arranged all our trysts
in the non-dual world of his creation.

Now I can see Krishna loves me no more,
for you have come as his go-between.
I guess that this is the way of all love
with desirable men like him."

Yet, this song’s the one Chaitanya chose
to disclose how He and She are He:
the searing memory of their oneness,
separate for all eternity.

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