Friday, February 9, 2007

They Call Krishna

They call that Krishna Kamadev
because he makes you crave, he makes you crave.

They call that Krishna Navina Madan:
he drives you mad and then he’s gone.

They call him Manasija, "in the mind born,"
He's all in the mind, but the senses are torn.

They call him Atanu, a real “no body.”
You don’t see him hit, but he leaves you all bloody.

He's Pushpa-ban, firing arrows made of flowers
by which he shows his infinity of powers;
they rain down in fragrant poison showers
piercing entrails so you squirm for hours.

They call him Govind, the cowherd king :
He finds the cows and herds them in.
He found my senses and then went in.
I’d drive him out, but where would I begin?

Without Govind, my world would all be void,
heart devastated, life and hope destroyed.

They also call Sri Krishna "Klim,"
to this my guru-given spell I cling.
I'm drowning, Lord, I don't know how to swim--
so to this mystic, magic spell I cling.

1 comment:

  1. The verse beginning "He's Pushpaban" was added later, since the theme of the poem is really the Kama Gayatri Mantra.