Sunday, August 6, 2006

Mostly silly stuff from GD

The brain and the heart had a fight
that lasted a day and a night.
The heart said, "It's dawn,"
the brain looked forlorn
and said, "I still can't see any light."


Our Sri Roopah is soopah doopah.
If you don't like her,
You're a bheng in a koopah.


This website is a cheat? That's pretty neat!
Who here's the culprit who must take the heat?
So go ahead, sell books out on the street--

That's where shastra tells us we shall meet
a rasik guru at whose lotus feet
bhakta bees taste the raga honey treat.


kriyatAM yadi kuto’pi labhyate |
tatra laulyam api mUlyam ekalaM
janma-koTi-sukRtair na labhyate ||

O friend, if you should find it anywhere,
that heart absorbed in Krishna rasa so rare,
be quick to buy, how much the soul’s in need!

In that bazaar is posted just one price;
millions of pious works will not suffice,
the cost is to be paid in coins of greed.


You should have asked your G.B.C.
before you came and talked to me.
Then you’d have known I've got the curse:
Sanskrit knowledge makes me dangerous.

And then I go and made things worse
by giving answers just in verse.
So now you think, “That’s aparadh.
He thinks he’s better than Prabhupad.”

It’s silly just to write in rhyme.
Sorry, promise I won’t next time.
But you be good, do what you’re told,
and stay away to save your soul.

That’s good advice: just stay away
from asat-sang like me, and pray
to Prabhupad, you’ll be O.K.

But I think it may just be too late,
the horse is gone, why lock the gate?
The fish has swum off with the bait.


O Great Fish!
My sakhi baited the hook of her heart
with the delicacy of love just to catch you,
casting it into the ambrosial waters.

Not only did you swallow up
both bait and hook,
but you broke the string of her reason--
Alas, what can the poor girl do now?


Call this the flute’s fault, or call it his name,
Call it his form, or my own past fate;
Call it God if you will—still this flame
burns not with ecstasy, but with pain.


The Moguls come, the Moguls go.
The British come, the British go.
We take the best and leave the rest.
We still eat curry, our women wear sari,
We live real close and arrange to marry.
So East’s part East and now part West,
That’s globalizing at its best.

Based on a quote by Jerry Rao. (CEO of MphasiS) quoted in The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman.


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